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Walt's "Comprehensive Strategy for Enhanced Border Security in Arizona" acknowledges the significant costs involved in securing the state's borders. This strategy emphasizes the use of advanced homeland security methods and military-grade technology, including biometric recognition systems, for more effective and efficient border control. It focuses on countering threats like drug trafficking, human trafficking, and unauthorized entries. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the plan aims to enhance surveillance capabilities and ensure the safety and integrity of Arizona's borders, demonstrating a commitment to modernizing and effectively managing border security.

National Guard Utilization

Walt's plan involves enhancing the Arizona National Guard's capabilities for border security by increasing funding and authorized personnel strength. It leverages the Guard's experience in combat zones and training with the Active Army, including specialized desert and border security training at the Army's National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California. The strategy focuses on utilizing the Guard's real-world deployment experience, military engineering, and logistical expertise to bolster the southern border's defense, all while adhering to state laws and guidelines. This approach is designed to significantly strengthen Arizona's resources in addressing border security challenges.

Sheriff Department Funding

Increase financial support for border sheriff departments, enabling them to enhance local enforcement and response capabilities.

Enhancing Arizona Border Task Force:

To enhance Arizona's border security, the plan is to bolster the existing Arizona Border Task Force by establishing a dedicated budget line. This budget will focus on recruitment, training, and equipping the force with advanced defense technology. The task force will operate under the command structure of the Arizona National Guard, allowing for a coordinated effort with National Guard units. This integration will transform the Border Task Force into a specialized unit, synergizing their efforts with the National Guard to effectively secure Arizona's borders.

Infrastructure Developmen

The plan involves utilizing Arizona resources and military-grade technology to upgrade border infrastructure. This includes using existing wall materials, initially supplied during the Trump Administration, to complete unfinished sections of the border wall. Additionally, an upgraded interstate border security compact with Texas will be established. This compact aims to enhance infrastructure and facilitate collaboration with the Texas National Guard, bolstering military force readiness and coordinated efforts at the border for improved security.

Collaboration with State Agencies

Key State Agencies for Arizona Border Security Operations:

Arizona Department of Public Safety: Statewide law enforcement and emergency response.
Arizona Department of Homeland Security: Counter-threat efforts and public safety coordination.
Arizona Game and Fish Department: Assistance in remote areas with local terrain expertise.
Arizona Department of Transportation: Infrastructure support and logistics management.
Arizona Health Services Department: Health and medical support during operations.

These agencies will work together to enhance border security operations, focusing on using state resources efficiently.

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