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I am humbled and honored to be at the helm of our state's journey into a new era. Together, we shall forge a brighter Arizona – a land that brims with opportunity, unity, and prosperity for each and every citizen. Guided by a resolute vision, our mission is to create an inclusive and compassionate environment where no voice shall go unheard and no individual shall be left behind.

In this vision, I see an Arizona that embraces innovation and celebrates its rich past, leading the nation in education, economic prosperity, and responsible environmental stewardship. Through unity and collaboration, we shall surmount any obstacles that lie in our path and construct a state that empowers its people with the knowledge and skills to flourish. Together, we shall foster an environment that nourishes small businesses, limited government, and a spirit of unyielding entrepreneurship that beckons investments, fostering an economy that thrives.

With unwavering faith in our great state's spirit and inspired by Ronald Reagan's principles, we shall triumph in our noble pursuit of a brighter Arizona – a state where dreams soar high and the possibilities are boundless.

May God bless you all, and may God bless Arizona.

Walt Blackman 

Walt Blackman in the 2019 Arizona House, watching the crucial vote on his election security bill. A key moment highlighting his commitment to electoral integrity.

" I see an Arizona that fosters small businesses, encourages entrepreneurship, and attracts investments, creating a thriving economy for generations to come. Guided by the principles of Ronald Reagan, we will triumph in our pursuit of a state where dreams know no bounds. "

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