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Walt Blackman's journey is nothing short of remarkable, having served as the State Representative for the 7th Legislative District from 2019 to 2022. What makes his story even more significant is that he is the first Black American in Arizona's history to be elected as a Republican to the Arizona House of Representatives. To truly appreciate his character and beliefs, one must delve into his roots. From his early life to the present, Walt's path has been influenced by mentors and transformative experiences, shaping his identity and providing him with the wisdom to turn challenges into opportunities.




A Journey of Influence and Values

In his formative years, Walt Blackman grew up in a military family, with his father proudly serving in Vietnam and as a Law Enforcement officer in the United States Air Force for 26 years. Born at Lajes Air Base in Portugal, he was raised in a nurturing environment that cherished values such as God, family, integrity, hard work, honesty, personal responsibility, love for country, and honor. His parents instilled these principles and emphasized the importance of always doing what was right, even when no one was watching.

During his High School years, Walt resided in Wiesbaden, Germany, where he gained invaluable insights into diverse cultures and customs from around the world. These experiences enriched his perspective and laid the foundation for his commitment to serving his community and country with compassion and understanding.

From Military Upbringing to Military Service:

A Journey of Duty, Honor and Country

Walt's profound dedication and patriotism were deeply influenced by his father's exemplary character. Following in his father's footsteps, Walt served in the United States Army for over 21 years with unwavering commitment. As a front-line Tank Commander and Platoon Sergeant, he faced perilous situations during deployments to Iraq and the battlefields of Afghanistan. His remarkable leadership, courage in the face of danger, and unwavering devotion to his fellow soldiers earned him the prestigious Bronze Star Medal for his combat actions in Iraq. In 2016, Walt made an honorable retirement from the Armed Forces, relocating with his wife and children to the serene White Mountains in Snowflake, Arizona.




Service in the Arizona House: Walt Blackman's Impactful Tenure

Throughout Walt's tenure as an Arizona lawmaker from 2019 to 2022, he demonstrated unwavering dedication in addressing critical state issues. He focused on pro-life matters, immigration, border security, education funding, water scarcity, criminal justice reform, healthcare, Medicaid coverage, election integrity, environmental policies, and economic growth. Walt's impactful work earned him numerous prestigious honors and awards, including being named one of the CPAC Conservative Legislators of 2019, receiving the Conservative Emerging Leaders Award, the Stand for Children Award, and being appointed Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and Education Commissioner of States by the Governor. He was also appointed to the Arizona Prison Oversight Committee, and recognized as one of the "18 for 2018 National Up-and-Coming Political Stars," earning the African American Republican Club's "2018 Statesman of the Year" award, and being hailed as the "2020 National Best Political Rising Star." Furthermore, Walt passionately championed amusement protections, parental rights, and safeguarding state sovereignty from federal government influence.

Walt's Vision for the Future of Arizona 

Walt Blackman's comprehensive vision and policy for Arizona's future prioritize election security and holding violators of election laws accountable. His approach addresses critical issues, including increased border security, water management, infrastructure development, law and order, leadership in the Arizona House, government accountability, support for farming and ranching, veteran issues, law enforcement funding, pro-life advocacy, parental rights in education, enhanced election security, rural development, and workforce opportunities, responsible government spending, Second Amendment protections, internet infrastructure improvement, limiting executive orders, and safeguarding Arizona's water rights and Private Well ownership. Walt's dedication and bold leadership aim to create a brighter and more prosperous future for Arizonans.

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